The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

Almost one year to the date that The Four Seasons announced its transcontinental airplane initiative, here we take an inside look inside the brand’s very exclusive private jet experience. The high-end luxury chain pulled no stops in creating the ultimate in luxury jet-setting, commissioning a custom Boeing 757-200 ER with amenities from Bulgari and Bose, decking out the interior with regal penthouse purple neon and plush white leather. An on-board chef will tantalize the palette for tour stops in Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York City, Bali, Mumbai or anywhere on the Four Seasons expansive itinerary list. With trips starting around $106,000 USD, the adventures are well-matched with a monetary tag, but at that point, we’ll imagine the experiences are simply priceless. Head to the Four Seasons website to get started and learn more.

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