Net-A-Porter Has Unveiled Its Own Shoppable Social Network



Luxury women’s e-commerce store Net-A-Porter has unveiled The Net Set – its own, fully shoppable social network. Made for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, the app allows each user to curate content for their profile page, much like Pinterest, using third party image recognition technology to make “style matches” with products available to purchase through Net-A-Porter. When it launches next Wednesday, the app will feature over 350 designer brand profiles, as well as 20 style ambassadors who will lead the platform’s conversations with their well-curated profiles. “The Net Set is a very different experience in that you are shopping with other people and being inspired by the things that they’re looking at as a whole community,” said Alexandra Hoffnung, the creative director of The Net Set. “They can upload images, comment and interact.” Upon launch, membership will be strictly invite-only. Members will then be able to invite five of their friends to allow for a steady and natural growth.

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