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Gizmodo takes a look at the Nerf’s new Modulus ECS-10 blaster and its full range of modular add-ons, making it capable of turning into any preposterously overpowered foam dart-firing gun you wish. Priced at $50 USD, the Nerf Modulus is “one of the quietest, furthest-shooting, magazine-fed, battery-powered, flywheel-driven dart shooting designs” in the Nerf product range, but differentiates itself from other modifiable models in the Nerf arsenal by the ability to buy extra parts from Amazon and have them shipped to you. Below, a full list of the potential upgrades to your new favorite toy.


  • The $10 Red Dot Sight, which actually tries to helps you aim high enough to hit with a Nerf dart.
  • The $7 Dual Rail Barrel, the first decent way to add official rails to a Nerf blaster.
  • The $7 Drop Grip, the first and only official Nerf vertical foregrip that fits adult hands and doesn’t jiggle a ton.
  • The $12 Flip Clip, which (at 24 darts) gives you the most ammo of any single dart holder you can currently buy for a Nerf blaster.
  • The $8 Distance Scope, which is just a prop with no magification, but at least it looks cool on most Nerf guns and has sights that line up.


  • The $8 Pivot Grip. Jiggles around.
  • The $8 Targeting Scope. Only has one sight—nothing to line up with.
  • The $8 Blast Shield. Who protects themselves in a game of Nerf?
  • The $9 Bipod Upgrade. Not even remotely stable.
  • The $7 Proxmity Barrel. Doesn’t have a lock to click it in place.
  • The $8 Long Range Barrel. YMMV but it looks weirdly small on every blaster I’ve attached it to thus far. Except Modulus, where it’s cool.
  • The $9 ECS-10 Stock. Wiggles around, but holds an additional clip.
  • The $12 Blaster Stock. Cool idea, but you can’t actually fire the dart without detaching the stock, because existing Nerf blasters that take stocks have bits that block the barrel. And you can’t remove the stock without two hands.
  • The $30 Modulus blaster itself—unless you’re going to do something about the grip.

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