Shave Your Face With Lasers Using the Skarp Laser Razor



Although men have been shaving facial hair since time immemorial, it remains an imperfect craft even in the best of hands — accidental cuts, razor burn, messy shaving creams and the environmental impact of disposable razors are all part of the package. However, a Swedish start-up has brought shaving squarely into the future by way of lasers in a new Kickstarterproject. Named the Skarp, the laser razor mounts a laser along where the blade would traditionally rest, allowing for a normal shaving motion. However, the cutting is done by the wavelength of the laser which melts the chromophore particles found in every person’s hair, thus making for an extremely close shave. Milled out of 6061 aluminum, the Skarp is expected to ship out in March 2016, and is well on the way to breaking $1 million USD in crowdfunding.

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