Parra Launches a Homeware Line







Dutch street artist Parra has long been involved in fashion, collaborating with footwear giants Nike and Vans towards the end of last decade before starting an apparel line more recently. Today, Parra debuts a home goods division to his brand, with the release of a full-blown homeware line that will incorporate past bestsellers, the “Vaso di Culo” vase and the “Sleep Deprived” carpet. New offerings in the collection all feature Dutch artist Parra’s post-Pop graphics emblazoned in various patterns on tea towels, throws, cushions and table cloths. All of the items are made in Europe, with the tea towels being made by the Dutch Textile Museum, and the table cloth, throw and cushion cover by one of Belgium’s oldest weaving mills. Find the entire range for sale online at Parra.

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