Shoot Virtual Reality Videos on Your iPhone With the Shot Lens



2015 is the year of virtual reality, and here to add extra weight to that statement is the Shot virtual reality lens for the iPhone, taking the ability to shoot in VR away from expensive camera rigs and putting it in the hands of everyone. Working much like any iPhone clip-on lens, the Shot attachment consists of two ultra-wide angle lenses — for both the front and rear cameras — to produce 360-degree photos made from stitching together images from both cameras, and 235-degree videos shot using the rear camera. The visual output can then be viewed in virtual reality using the Google Cardboard kit that ships with the Shot. To really proliferate the use of virtual reality, Shot has also created an accompanying social network much like Instagram, made especially for the format where users can share their VR content while watching, liking and sharing what others post. Compatible with the iPhone 6 through 6s Plus, Shot will ship out in April 2016 if it reaches its crowdfunding goal of $100,000 USD, which you can contribute tohere.

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