McDonald’s Releases Gray Burger In China



It looks like the colored burger trend it not going away any time soon. We reported about Burger Kings blacked-out burger before and now McDonald’s has released a new gray hamburger on the Chinese market. Entitled the “Modern China Burger,” it consists of a pork patty, several pieces of bacon, some yellow dressing and a small pile of iceberg lettuce, all between a gray mantou (steamed bread) bun with black sesame. The choice of color of the burger has create quite some debate on the Internet this last week, with some people comparing it to the well known polluted grey skies of the country and comparing the look to granite as well. While it certainly is not the most beautiful hamburger we have ever seen, far from that, Time Out Beijing came to the conclusion that it actually tastes alright. The limited edition “Modern China Burger” will be sold at McDonald’s restaurants in China until November 3.

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