Levi’s x Medicom Toy Wash Denim Bearbricks



Having previously dropped black denim-clad Bearbricks, Levi’s and Medicom Toy have come together once again — this time to introduce blue denim editions of the ursine figures. Like the previous releases, the special drop includes both 1000% and 100% Bearbricks with the larger of the two coming complete with a Cone Mills denim-coated exterior. Both don Levi’s cues throughout, incorporating everything from the iconic American brand’s signature tag to its gold stitching and V-shaped pocket pattern. Retailing for ¥38,880 JPY (approximately $325 USD) and ¥10,000 JPY (approximately $84 USD) respectively, the 1000% and 100% collabs will hit the likes of project 1/6ZOZOTOWN, and C.J.Mart this Saturday, October 24.

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