These “Caruso” Cabinet Speakers Provide a Nostalgic Aesthetic with a Digital Sound


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Designer Paolo Capello has introduced a new project for the Italian-based company Miniforms with “Caruso.” The trumpet-shaped speaker also doubles as a cabinet for multi-purpose usage. Reminiscent of gramophones during the late 70s, a digital sound is delivered to provide a modern feel. The “Caruso” is 39 inches wide and its speaker comes in a wide selection of colors such as red, yellow, green, anthracite, white and pink. In addition, its hosting cabinet is also available in a wide range of color choices such as pastel blue, white, black, coral pink, dusty grey, and silk grey for a wide variety of color applications in your home. A special edition is also a part of the collection as it hosts a 24k gold plated trumpet speaker and is complemented by 18th-century oak wood. You can purchase your own here.



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