The Toyota 86 GRMN Is Lighter, More Powerful and No Longer a Concept

When the Toyota GT-86 (or Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S) released to much acclaim and applause of its extraordinary handling and “fun factor,” fans were a little disappointed to learn of the car’s fairly low power output and slow 0-60 time. Advancements, sourced from third party manufacturers of course, have helped the car a bit with power and performance, but nothing from the original manufacturers have really made much of an impact — until now. Originally unveiled as a concept at 2014′s Tokyo Auto Salon in partnership with Gazoo Racing, the once GRMN 86 “Concept” is now hitting production.

The “Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring” edition will feature a beefier engine that bumps the horsepower up to 216 horsepower (from the standard 200 horsepower) and torque from 160 from 151 pound-feet. A new front splitter and race-spec rear wing will add much needed downforce at high speeds, while the carbon fiber hood and very-race-spec plexiglass windows help shed around 100 pounds from the vehicle’s curb weight. Finally, a retuned suspension and exclusive 17-inch allow wheels along with wider rubber and new ventilated braking system upgrade help to round out the upgrades to a car that very much needed them. All of which totals $53,800 USD with a limited production run of only 100 units sold exclusively in Japan.

Perhaps the next iteration will have Subaru finally throw an STi turbo into the Hachiroku? In the meantime, watch the video above as race driver Masahiko Kageyama test drives the 86 GRMN around the famed Nürburgring track and explains, in Japanese, the enhancements over the standard 86.


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