Some of the Top Tattoo Parlors in NYC



Believe it or not, there was a time in the Big Apple when running a tattoo shop was as illicit an endeavor as operating a brothel thanks to a 36-year ban on the trade which finally came to an end in 1997 when the City Council brought the art form out of dingy and poorly-lit backrooms and into the well-maintained and professional studios people have come to expect today.

With the legality of getting tattooed no longer a problem, the next hurdle for those wanting to add flourishes to their skin involves not only choosing something that they can live with for a lifetime, but also finding both an artist and a tattoo shop capable of providing a safe, trustworthy and as pain-free a process as humanly possible.

Inked Magazine noted in 2015 that there were 277 tattoo parlors operating in New York City’s five boroughs. With each individual shop then having several artists on hand, people have been forced to consider thousands of different variables and techniques for one single tattoo.

Have no fear. We’ve sifted through the imagery, artists, and aesthetics of the shops themselves and settled on a list of five places that should be on your radar should you find yourself in New York City and become inspired to add a little ink to your skin.

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