Mercedes Benz’s 2017 G-Class Is a True Off-Road Warrior





German car master Mercedes-Benz has announced fresh updates for its G-Class cars, including a brand new G350d with a striking exterior and an optional professional off-road set-up.

The unveiling of a fresh batch for 2017 follows huge success with the 2016 G-Class cars and the subsequent hype after it re-released them in additional bold colors. The pick of the bunch is the G350d “Professional” which, according to Mercedes, is ideally suited to “grueling off-road use,” but comes with a more luxurious interior and a comfier ride than its predecessors.

It may have an all-terrain performance to finally match its warrior-like aesthetic, but in typical German fashion, that means dropping features that are considered standard on most cars, let alone on one that costs $89,000. Electric windows and infotainment screens are out, while a beefed-up, ladder-type frame body, permanent all-wheel drive with off-road ratio and three electrically selectable, 100‑percent differential locks are in. Even the seats themselves are covered in fabric instead of leather, and the carpets are replaced with rubber mats.

All the other G-Class models receive slightly less exciting technology updates for the infotainment, navigation and communication systems.

The entire new 2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class range is available for order from this summer, just like its $1.7 million luxury yacht.

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