Banksy’s Iconic “Graffiti Van” Is Going Up for Auction




By 2006, the now-iconic artist Banksy had already established himself as a figure to watch in the world of contemporary art. But it was his “Barely Legal” exhibition that same year that catapulted him into the art superstar he is today. Central to this show was an actual SWAT team van, one that Banksy decked out in graffiti and now-iconic screen print figures. Now the Graffiti Van is heading to auction, estimated to go for the cool price of $400,000.

The Graffiti Van is covered in highly-stylized street art, but it also features two of the artist’s trademark figure sketches. One side of the van pictures a boy outsmarting a heavily-armed SWAT team, while the other simply features Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz lost in a sea of graffiti. It’s a formative piece in Banksy’s career, and one that incorporates his characteristic elements of pop culture homage, political rebellion and street culture.

Head over to auction house Bonham’s website for the artwork’s official listing.

In related news, Banksy very recently stopped by his old public school for an incredibly special artwork.

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