Netflix Goes for a Bit of Branding Flair With a New Logo



Similar to Instagram and Uber, Netflix joins the trending wave of companies changing their logos. The streaming service’s new insignia was just revealed on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles, dropping the “etflix” part of its name and going for a more conservative ‘N’ icon.

As proven by the recent change of Uber’s logo and a failed attempt by GAP to reinvent itself, not all brand identity switches are met with open arms. Netflix’s new symbol however, works because of its simplicity and ability for consumers to link the brand with the letter ‘N’ right away. Co.Design also chimes in on the logo facelift, noting that the ambiguity of the icon allows for multiple interpretations — is it a “ribbon”, a “rolled-out red carpet”, or a “piece of celluloid film”? It really could be any of those things in the eyes of consumers. Furthermore, as the design starts to roll out on the company’s mobile app, the question remains how effective will the icon be in terms of more customers accepting the new look.


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