Casio Unleashes a Trio of Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches

casio-trio-metal-twisted-g-shock-watches-3 casio-trio-metal-twisted-g-shock-watches-2 casio-trio-metal-twisted-g-shock-watches-1


Casio G-Shock Japan have just launched a series of Metal Twisted G-Shock watches in different styles and colorway options. We see here the limited-edition MTG-G1000RB-1AJF in black and copper, the MTG-G1000RS-1AJF available in silver, black and red, and the MTG-G1000RS-2AJF offered in silver and blue. Noteworthy features include solar-powered analog functionality, in addition to sapphire crystal and GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor timekeeping. Available for purchase now in Japan, the new trio of watches are expected to drop stateside sometime in October.

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