Cup Noodles Is Changing Its 45-Year-Old Recipe for the First Time

For many, Cup Noodles has long been the preferred choice when it comes to an instant lunch or a late night snack. It’s delicious — despite its MSG count, artificial flavors and overwhelming amount of sodium in each cup. Last Thursday, Nissin Foods USA announced that it will be changing its 45-year-old recipe for the first time ever. Al Multari, CEO of Nissin Foods USA, told the LA Times that its customers had a major influence on the decision to change the traditional recipe. Multari said that they “wanted the same taste but with an improved nutritional profile.”

More specifically: “They told us that without sacrificing taste, the three most compelling changes we could make to our recipe were: lower sodium, no added MSG and no artificial flavors. This is exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish,” Multari said in a press release. As a whole, the new recipe looks to reduce the amount of the aforesaid ingredients and will include cabbage juice to “boost the taste.”

From the surface, Nissin’s latest formula looks pretty darn wholesome, but according to The Wall Street Journal, it’s not as nutritious as it seems. Eating just one of the revamped Cup Noodles will take a third of your saturated fat intake for the entire day. What are your thoughts on this cabbage-juice-filled Cup Noodles?

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