Stone Island Is Launching a Highly Limited Prototype Reflective Jacket

As if Stone Island’s coveted outerwear pieces weren’t already top-of-the-line, the renowned and forward-thinking Italian sportswear label is introducing a new range of uber-limited products to showcase the experimental prototypes it comes up with. Aptly dubbed the Prototype Research Series, the range is kicking off this week with its very first piece: a reflective jacket. This isn’t just any reflective jacket, though. This particular anorak not only includes details like a half-zip fastening at the neck, double front pockets with nylon-taped edges, Velcro and zippered fastenings, adjustable cuffs, and a bottom hem drawstring, but makes use of a proprietary finish that features a resin coating embedded with thousands of glass microspheres. Hand-sprayed and then oven dried, the jackets are then washed and dried again on a flat surface before laser printing applies all-over, three-dimensional, tone-on-tone effects; Stone Island’s ubiquitous logo is even lasered on to the back of each anorak while the artisanship involved ensures that each piece is truly one of a kind.

Both water- and wind-repellant and limited to just 100 individually numbered pieces, Stone Island’s first entry in its Prototype Research Series is set to launch online this Friday, November 4.

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