Production of Apple AirPods to Be Delayed Until December


Looks like we need to wait a little longer for our wireless future. Initially set for an October release, the little AirPods have encountered a delay as Apple stated it was not ready and needed “a little more time.” Since then, there have been conflicting rumors on when the wireless earphones will actually be released. According to investment bank Barclays, the AirPods should enter production in December, meaning we could see them on the shelves by the Christmas holiday, though a January 2017 launch is more feasible.

Barclays also stated that the initial production run will be “fairly small,” running between 10 million and 15 million AirPods to start. Of course depending on the demand, the stock for the AirPods could quickly deplete upon its launch, resulting in extended shipping estimates similar to when the latest iPhone was launched. Will you be looking forward to when the AirPods finally drop?

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