Classic Nintendo Consoles Are Still More Popular Than Modern Ones

Like what many other things, what’s old in the gaming world continues to be as relevant as ever. As Ars Technica notes, the Classic Mini NES is continuing to beat more modern options in sales. According to an “industry tracker,” the Classic Mini NES sold 196,000 units in November in the USA — more impressive than the Wii U’s sales of 220,000 units during the stretch of April of September. In Japan, the Mini Famicon has sales estimations around 261,000 units for just one week of sales. When it comes to the realm of eBay, NES Minis are also enjoying a considerable mark-up. Thanks to the holiday season, sales figures for this month for older Nintendo hardware will also probably be pretty strong when they come out.

However, as Nintendo has recently showed us, the company’s focus is still on the future.


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