LEGO Finally Gives Us A Way To Own A Bugatti

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Bugatti Chiron, LEGO is finally giving you an easy way out by adding it to its Speed Champions lineup.

Set up with immaculate detailing, the Bugatti set features an impressive selection of accessories to accompany the car, as well as landscape details such as tire change pieces and pylons. On the Chiron itself, you’ll find that stickers and set-specific printed details have been included on certain bricks, adding to the level of precision LEGO put into the set’s detailing.

Additionally, the classic toy manufacturer will be adding other supercar classic such as the Mercedes-AMG GT3, Ferrari FXX K, and F1 cars from Ferrari and Mercedes to the upcoming lineup.

The majority of the kits, including the Chiron, are set for release in Winter 2017, while the Ford GT set is slotted for a March 1 release.

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