Could This Be Samsung’s Forthcoming Galaxy S8 Edge?

Earlier this January, a report by Business Korea entailed that Samsung’s upcoming Note 8 phablet will presumably launch this year and may feature a slew of impeccable features such as a 4K resolution display. This time around, alleged photos of the the South Korean tech conglomerate’s impending S8 Edge have surfaced, offering a clean-cut look a the anticipated handset. Online e-tailer for cellphone accessories, Mobile Fun, has released a series of visuals touting ultra-thin cases for the aforesaid smartphone.

The cases, which were made by electronics specialist Olixar, look sleek, but what’s even more eye-catching is the device housed within the case — which may very well be the S8 Edge. Conclusively, the device looks eerily similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge, especially with its sizable curved screen. Although, unlike the S7 and its predecessors, the phone touts a touch-screen home button instead of an independent toggle. Moreover, the photos reveal another button on the device’s side panel that will ostensibly be used to trigger the company’s latest Bixby voice assistant.

There is no official word yet from Olixar or Samsung confirming that the photos are the real deal. Still, this new leak should instill a glimmer of hope to Samsung fans worldwide since “case designers will get product designs ahead of time from the manufacturer to have their accessories ready for a device’s launch,” as Yahoo reports.

Multiple sources have proclaimed that Samsung will probably roll out the Galaxy S8 devices this April or during the Mobile World Congress event this February in Barcelona, Spain. Nonetheless, take a look at the images above and let us know if you think they’re official.


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