Feed Your Inner Sneakerhead’s Appetite With This Chef’s “Shoeshi”



Sushi has gone through a lot — there was the sushi donut and sushi Kit Kat, for example. But Chef Yujia Huwhipped up something for sneakerheads to feast their eyes on: “Shoeshi.” The Milan-based artist has created his own deliciously artful renderings of some of our favorite kicks, but in sushi form. Rice as a base takes shape with his skillful use of seaweed and sashimi, and he uses a toothpick to get down to the details; striping or lacing are carefully created on top of silhouettes using raw fish for uppers.

The names of each ”shoeshi” are a treat, too: adidas “Hu-Giri” and “Nori” NMD, YEEZY “Seaweed Stripes” Zebra, Supreme “Sticky” Sliders. If you’re ever in Italy, try a pair at SakanaSushi Milano, where Hu works. Otherwise, you can order prints of each shoe online.


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